Thoughts are curious creatures.  They can arrive unbidden, overstay their welcome, make us laugh at unlikely times, and exist independently of their makers.  Using title choices and visual means, Jeanette Sperone speculates on thoughts and memories of people, places, and objects.  She considers questions like what are all the thoughts had in this place? What is that person actually feeling? What does the land remember?


To this end, Sperone has variously explored themes of internal landscape, frozen moments, and external appearances.  A consummate introvert, she does a lot of thinking about thinking.  Still waters run deep, as they say, and appearances can be deceiving.  Everything and everyone knows, sees, thinks, and remembers differently.


Jeanette Sperone was in 1978 in New Jersey in the US. Except for a brief stint in Boston, she has lived there all her life.  She received her BFA from Montclair State University in 2005.  She graduated cum laude and recieved the prize for painting.

Since then, Sperone has participated in a number of group shows.  She currently lives and maintains a studio in Northern New Jersey.

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